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Membership Overview

Membership in the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania is the lifeblood of this organization. It is IMPERATIVE to increase Membership in order that our Italian heritage and culture will continue to thrive.


In seeking more autonomy, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, at its 2013 June Convention voted to become an independent organization from the national group.

Please see the "Our Lodges" page for a list of our lodges that stretch across the state of Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Harrisburg to Erie and every other corner.


The basic goal is to have Americans of Italian descent united under one banner so that the rich Italian culture could be preserved and shared with all Americans.

In addition, it is to promote the image of Italian Americans within the framework of society in the United States of America.

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Sons & Daughters of Italy

Additional benefits for lodge members only

Hold local and state positions in the organization.

Represent your lodge at local and state

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Sons & Daughters of Italy


Our Charitable and Education Trust (C&E Trust) is the philanthropic arm of the Grand Lodge, contributing Scholarships to 8th grade private school students and high school students.

We participate in many Columbus Day parades, honoring our great discoverer, Christopher Columbus, and displaying our pride in our Italian Heritage.

Periodically, Membership Drives/Contests are held to increase membership in a local Lodge or to start a new Lodge.


We contributed and helped the people during the Italian Earthquakes and other disasters at home and abroad.

Women constitute fifty percent (50%) of our membership and hold offices throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

Become A Member

Membership dues vary based upon the local lodge you join.

Click HERE for At Lodge General Membership to download and fill out the application

Click HERE for Infant and Minor Membership (Ages 0 to 17) to download and fill out the application

Click HERE for Adult Memberships (Ages 18 and older) to download and fill out the application

Click HERE for 2023-2025 Administrative Council Form for Lodge Elections to download and fill out the application

Forward the application to the President of the Lodge you wish to join or call the Grand Lodge office at (215) 592-1713 for instructions.

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Member Privileges

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